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Internship & Computer Practical Training

As the popularity of computer language and services continues to grow at an exponential rate, easy, flexible, affordable and practical training is required. At computer works Uganda we provide you with the ability to access all services, enjoy and share experiences in convenient environment. Let it be at your home or work place. We do it with passion!

Certificate In Website Design and Development

Thumbnail Images Convenience and practical matters with all our classes regardless of where and what you desire to do in IT Training skills. Note: We base our training resource on easy and practical experience.
If you’re much interested in doing only theory we may not be your right choice!


Certificate in Microsoft Applications

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Microsoft Office is a collection of desktop applications for creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases and project management, graphics, website etc.

We have on-line and offline simplified resources for all levels who wish to extend their business in all office application skills whether it is Microsoft, Mac etc.

These courses cover the core features of each application and provide a great way to learn new skills. Training is available 24x7 on our on-line courses and includes step-by-step tutorials and are accompanied by sample data files which can be used for hands-on practice

Certificate courses on Database and Programming

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The course covers database design and the use of database management systems for applications. It includes extensive coverage of the relational model, relational algebra, and SQL. It also covers XML data including DTDs and XML Schema for validation, and the query and transformation languages XPath, XQuery, and XSLT.

At CWU we take you through a gradual practical hands on training on database principals and we make you learn at your own pace. Whether you need basic knowledge on how to handle your business database we give u a lead.

Our database support team are everywhere in the World to assist you 24/7 without reserve

Certificate in Graphics Designing

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Whether you like it for fun, we walk you through for the best experience! Be expert in photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Ms Paint, Photopose Pro, Ms Paintshop etc