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Windows MultiPoint Server

Lango College

Students doing offline research

This system can survive over 3 years without crushing or being attacked by viruses. Installed with offline academic software. Reduced 78% of power consumption. Made easy student monitoring, centralized administration among others

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Bombo S.S

CWU Techical installation

This system has made a rebirth of Computer Training with over 1000 students at Bombo S.S. We installed 30 stations on 4 systems. The 4 existing systems can be upgraded to capacity of 80 or 160 WMS stations simultaneously

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Kalungu Girls T.C

Saving about 78% on power

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Installed 3 systems for 25 stations. It can be upgraded to 60 station/120 using the same WMS existing systems. Software installed on the server can be shared to all stations without incurring additional costs.

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City High School

The Cost Effective Studying

As CWU C.E.O always says “The future is in hands of the young ones”. Invest in the cost effective technology, you’re adding a second life to our future generation. Computer is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity of life..

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Gira ICT - Rwanda

Save big & Contract Us

We’re experts in both software and hardware configuration. We support WMS on any device. We take in-Country and Out-Country Contracts. Computer labs were set-up in Rwanda with our close partnership team Gira-ICT

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ST.Marys Namagunga

Screen projection to all

Our system is for both Teaching and Learning. Administrator can screen project an example to all students at once. Not moving from one student desktop to another. It supports SMS from admin to student Vs.

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