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Repair & Maintenance

Projects: Website | Windows MultiPoint Server | Maintenance and Repair

Schools Labs

Be rest Assured!

Free academic software

All schools deserves to be with a fully functioning computer lab.
Once your computer Lab is in our hands, you’re guaranteed with academic software at no extra cost. Schools include:-Talents College, City High School, St. Lucia, GTC-Kalungu, Kyamisansara P/s, Michael Angella etc
Common issues with many schools PC Labs:-

  • Virus removal and malware prevention
  • Computer diagnostics on Windows, Linux
  • Restore to factory settings
  • Operating system re-installation
  • Hard drive cloning services
  • Driver installation and updates

Mid-Range Company

Ask your Team, You may need us

We Service it, at every call!

We call it a project because, we handle your computer systems as professionals! You think your data is lost! No! We can get it back. No consultation charges as long as the job is ours! We have most of Computer parts in stock.

Pay once, the rest is ours.

We repair all, including power supply, motherboards, Laptop Screen Replacement, Data-back and recovery, software installation and repair among others

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Large Companies

We can be you're Back up

Maximize your Profit

Right now, your Computer has a problem, which is why it slow, gives blue screen, not powering up, and doesn't connect to internet, also over heating or just misbehaving.
Why not sign-up with us and we become responsible for the health of your computer systems either monthly or quarterly.

You can associate your company with your personal, family and employee Computers. You pay once every after four months a fixed price.
We keep your computer updated
Our team check on your Computer Monthly whether you call us or not

Check on how we do it