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Compute Smartly With Windows Multipoint Server

Windows Multipoint Server breaks the affordability and complexity barrier that has limited the PC from being deployed everywhere. Most users only tap one to five percent of a PC’s processing power and today’s multi-core PCs are more powerful than ever.

WMS leverages this trend with small access terminals and proven software that enable a single PC to support up to 30 users at once. The access terminals are low-cost, use very little electricity, and are very easy to setup and maintain.


MultiPoint Services is a server role in Windows Server 2016 that allows multiple users to simultaneously use the same computer from separate computing stations. Each user connects to the host computer using a MultiPoint station that consists of a hub, monitor, and input devices; such as a mouse and keyboard. This gives them the full experience of a Windows OS, without the need to purchase and maintain separate workstations.

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