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Bringing Technology       Closer to You.

Computer Works Uganda is your Number 01 Partner in providing efficient and Low-Cost Effective Technology in Uganda.

We provide you with fully-fledged Sales and Service of Technology Systems, i.e Desktop servers, laptops, peripherals and accessories. Hey, know that each part you buy from us it goes with a warranty. Know that each part you get from us it's replaceable. We value your money and we value our name. Be rest assured for any services you acquire from CWU

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Welcome to Computer Works Uganda

Computer works Uganda is a preeminent pioneer in softening life for computer users. We sale Brand New Computer. We design, develop, service, and hosting websites, develop school finance and management systems.

We're Microsoft authorized Education Partner, empowering success of everybody to make the best investment possible in IT solutions for everyone's company, schools, organization and individuals.

The partnership has allowed the CWU team to introduce and prove the many benefits of Windows MultiPoint Server (WMS) software.