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Innovations with Heart



Leveraging Advanced Technologies to deliver scallable solutions 

that exceed expectations.

Our Story

We are a leading provider of exceptional IT solutions to both businesses and individuals in Uganda. With over 20 years of experience, we have consistently delivered superior network design, security services, software development, and hardware maintenance to our valued clients with the assistance of our team of seasoned IT professionals. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that guarantee business success, making us the preferred IT partner for businesses across Uganda.

Cloud Solutions

We provide scalable cloud solutions for efficient management of business data and operations. 



We believe it’s not what we put into our solutions, it’s what our clients can get out of it even when no one is looking.


Our greatest asset is our team and we understand the impact they have, so we invest in improving ourselves.


Our internal machinery ensures that we can deliver professionally,  timely and within budget.


Its not just a  fashion statement, at CWU we consider innovation to be our culture and a way of doing things.

John Kyakuwa

CEO, Computer Works Uganda

Meet The CEO

Computer Works Uganda, for the last decade, has successfully pursued innovative strategies and cutting-edge approaches to enable an e-infrastructure, reshaping the core functions of the digital Universe. The world is embracing the trends set by modernization expeditiously, influencing organizations in Uganda; Computer Works Uganda furnishes these organizations by powering their systems, operations, and processes via next-gen technologies, e-solutions, and digital platforms.

Our collective focus on the vision to enrich everyday life with people-centric innovation gives us the ability to work in close collaboration across units and organizations to create synergies that ultimately develop exceptional products.

Computer Works Uganda’s’ mission is to steer companies worldwide into the digital portal by developing and deploying an infinite number of hi-tech solutions using innovative and agile integration techniques. “Technology for Everyone.”

“Technology for Everyone.”

Our Partners

Carrying the vision of people centric innovation and automation.

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Our Product Portfolio comprises 10+ products, platforms, and services, revolutionizing industries worldwide.