Managed IT Services

Efficient & Affordable IT Support

Managed IT Support

CWU’s main priority has always been to provide clients with an improved Managed IT Services experience through better workplace efficiency, added technology capabilities and reduced technology expenses.

Computer Works Uganda is a trusted resource to our clients for their technology needs. We are the perfect balance between on site and remote IT support.

CWU is the best choice for efficient and affordable IT Support. We offer emergency and non-emergency help desk support that includes:

Automated Systems Management, Dedicated Online Support Portal, Email & Phone support, On-site visits, Remote support, Virus Protection & Removal, Software Updates & Troubleshooting.

For Immediate Assistance, call (256) 700 944073


Our other Offered Services


IT Asset Management – Audit and manage workstations, servers, printers, copiers, firewalls, switches and routers Software Inventory – Collect, store and analyze detailed information about installed business applications

Remote Control – Simplify support by allowing our technicians to remotely control workstations, servers and network devices

Software Deployment – Tools and services delivered without interruption

Patch Management – Updates of software patches and hotfixes for workstations, servers and switches

Storage and Backup Management – Accurate real-time monitoring and backup

IT Management is the process through which we take responsibility for all IT-related needs including networking hardware, computers, people, software and data. The use of our technology resources generates significant value for clients.

          • IT Management via Web

          • Assistance in implementation of additions and               

             modifications to supporting infrastructure,

          • Implementation of network security

          • Administration and maintenance of client IT    

            infrastructure and WAN (Wide Open Network)

Businesses expect communication through email to be easy and secure. However, managing email across multiple agencies and messaging platforms can become complicated and can cause unnecessary issues.

Computer Works Uganda can provide a wide range of streamlined, efficient and cost-effective email services.

Benefits of Email Services:


  •           • No third party key holders – reduce chances of theft.
  •           • Private servers assure that emails are never transported 
  •              through public servers. The only person seeing that email is 
  •              the sender and the recipient.
  •           • Virus Protection – Email scanning to protect against 
  •              infected files.
  •           • No spam

Smart, sound network architecture and design facilitates a stable and secure IT environment. Computer Works Uganda can help design a network that can easily handle a wide range of applications, users and devices by creating customized and cost-effective networking solutions.

Key Features


  •           • Comprehensive Network Assessments
  •           • Hardware/Software Procurement and Installation
  •           • Network Infrastructure Design and Development
  •           • Long Term Planning and Budgeting
  •           • Consulting Services
  •           • Custom Programming
  •           • Application Development
  •           • Implementation and Testing
  •           • Web Development
  •           • Engineering and IT
  •           • Staff Augmentation

For Immediate Assistance, call (256) 700 944073.

Your Emergencies are Our Emergencies

Sooner or later, we all have an IT crisis. Rest assured, Computer Works Uganda has you covered. We are focused on your challenges right away and our goal is to get your business back up and running smoothly and reliably.

CWU’s Security solutions represent a thorough, multi-layered protection plan against external and internal threats. We offer an extensive plan customized to clients’ specific security needs. It eliminates stress about the vulnerability of the IT infrastructure and allows time to be allocated to more pressing areas of the business.


Common IT Security Threats:


Malware: Damage a computer system without the owner’s  knowledge

Computer Viruses: Spreads and infects user’s computer without any knowledge or permission of the user
Worms: Uses security holes and computer networks to replicate itself
Adware: Delivers unwanted advertising during Internet usage
Spyware: Attaches itself to operating systems in vicious ways
Trojan Horses: Claims to do one thing, but instead damages the user’s computer
Insider Threats: Misuse and unauthorized access by insiders
Hackers: Unauthorized access by outsiders
Rootkits: Takes fundamental control of the computer system without the system owner’s consent

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